PY390—Special Topics. (3 hours) As needed
Positive Psychology. What leads people to live happy, productive, and meaningful lives? This is the basic question that is being addressed in the field known as positive psychology. Psychologists and researchers in this field have identified a host of positive characteristics that individuals possess and that they utilize in building what is considered the “good life”. In this course, students will study what is meant by positive psychological concepts such as: “the good life”; authentic happiness; subjective well-being; among others, and will relate these concepts to their personal characteristics. Students will also explore how personal, familial, sociocultural, and other contextual factors influence the development and expression of their positive personality characteristics.
PY262. Psychology of Personality (3 hours). First Semester
The focus of this course is on the theoretical understanding of personality development from a variety of theoretical orientations. Theoretical orientations considered in this course include psychoanalytic/psychodynamic, humanistic, existential, dispositional, and learning. Prerequisite: PY 101 and Sophomore standing or consent of the instructor.
334. Abnormal Psychology (3 hours) First Semester, alternate years. Offered 2023-2024.
This class focuses on the theory, etiology, classification and treatment of disorders as categorized by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Emphasis is given to examining behavior in the context of biological, social, cultural, and environmental venues. Prerequisite: PY 101 and Sophomore standing.
PY101. General Psychology (3 hours)
Each Semester
An introductory course in psychology that surveys knowledge of human behavior and mental processes. (IAI: S6 900)